InvestmentsThe basic OBJECTIVE of an Investment strategy is:  To have wealth accumulation to supplement your retirement strategy. Supplement being the key word in the objective.  In other words it is in addition to your "retirement strategy dollars" therefore, it is imperative to understand that investment dollars are not to be used in place of or instead of a retirement strategy. They should be used to enhance a retirement strategy.      

The basic CRITERIA of an Investment strategy is: To have full growth potential to your dollars with minimal market risk to the dollars.  This "investment quadrant" is where many clients misunderstand their full financial portfolio and each quadrant's purpose.  

Typically, a "market risk analysis" strategy does not address the age you want to retire at, the amount of money you want to retire with and what you are willing to do to get there.  Most clients sacrifice their responsibility for "financial independence" with this ONE assumption.  Not every investment advisor addresses a client's "retirement goals."  

Typically, an investment advisor is there to guide the client through the investment and the low/, mid or high risk tolerance that each investment will require for a client to endure. If the Investment advisor is utilizing a holistic approach and advising the client on a full financial strategy, they may charge a fee or even utilize a CFP, certified financial professional to assist the client in a pure strategy, however, many clients do not take the time to assess their entire financial portfolio and simply ask an advisor to advise them on the "risk tolerance" as if their portfolio was text book to such a strategy.  Nowhere in that strategy alone does it address the foundation, roof or the other three quadrants.  This is a "client beware" strategy by itself.  It would be like building a house full of bathrooms without a kitchen, living room or bedroom.  No one would buy such a house.  The solution to this ongoing issue is for the client to take OWNERSHIP of their own strategy and understand what the "investment" strategy by itself does and does not. 

An example of an investment is:  A mutual fund, brokerage account, variable annuity. 

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